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ACB Xpress Deposit

ACB Xpress Deposit

ACB Xpress Deposit allows businesses to make check deposits electronically without a trip to the bank. With this service, you can electronically transfer your bank deposits of checks using a desktop scanner and a secure Internet connection. You and your deposit never leave your office. Your deposit is credited to your business account as if you had personally handed it to a teller.

Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture

Save Time

With ACB Xpress Deposit, there’s no need for employees to transport deposits to the bank or worry about missing deposit cut-off times. That’s time that can be spent more productively on your business. Items can be deposited up until 6PM Eastern every business day.

Boost Productivity

Transportation or courier costs are completely eliminated, saving your company an annual expense that can easily run into the thousands. And, because deposits are verified on the front end, you reduce the time and money spent on account balancing and reconciliation.

Streamline Processes

Now, there’s no longer a need to maintain multiple Checking accounts. Remote Deposit allows multiple locations to capture deposits remotely and transmit directly to a single account, eliminating multi-bank reporting services and sweep services.

Minimize Risk

By eliminating the need to transport checks physically; you can deposit more items at earlier cut-off times. This can mean accelerated clearing and improved availability of funds.

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